Boeing 737-NG Type Rating

Program – Course is programmed for 80 hrs of ground school including Computer Based Training, FAA Oral Examination, 8 hours of IPT/FBS Training; and 28 hours of FAA Level D full flight simulator if with a partner. Contact us for scheduling details and you do not have to bring a partner with you.

Course Length:  approximately 18 days.  Experienced B737 pilots have a reduced course.

Note:  We offer longer courses to satisfy other regulatory requirements, i.e. Indian DGCA and other agencies. Higher Power Aviation has many B737 graduates flying in India at Spicejet, BBJ operators and other carriers.

Prerequisites -  To qualify for an unrestricted command type rating, you must meet at least one of the following requirements.

    1. Hold a type rating in a turbojet airplane of the same class of airplane, and that type rating may not contain a supervised operating experience limitation;
    2. Have at least 1,000 hours of  flight time in two different turbojet airplanes of the same  class of airplane;
    3. Have been appointed by the U.S. Armed Forces as a pilot in command in a turbojet airplane of the same class of airplane;
    4. Have 500 hours of flight time in the same type of airplane; or
    5. Have logged at least 2,000 hours of flight time, of which 500 hours were in turbine-powered airplanes of the same class of airplane for which tye type rating is sought.