Southwest Corner

October 6th was another good day in the lives of HPA and our 737 grads.  When Southwest opened the hiring window again, we were able to get an email out to our grads about this application opportunity.  One pilot was in Afghanistan when he got the word, was able to apply and got the invitation for an interview. Another grad wrote, “I’ve been so busy lately I may have missed the application window if it had not been for that short but very important email.” Which points out the importance of keeping your contact information updated.  HPA cannot help you if we don’t know where you are. 

We are also excited when the SWA interviews begin, because it means more grads drop by for visits before and after their Day and some are in the building weeks earlier prepping for the big day. At the same time our classes are larger now due to the new 9/11 GI Bill that is available for military pilots plus many of these pilots are getting their ATP licenses with the type rating.  There is a lot of activity in the building and we love it!

Speaking of classes, remember as an HPA graduate you may come back and sit through all or any part of your ground school at no charge.  This can act as a refresher course before starting the SWA training.

Your HPA family is here to serve you in any way we can and that includes a Root Beer Float if you’re in the building on Wednesdays.