Welcome Bob Landa

One of the joys at HPA is discovering the ways in which our lives inter-connect. New instructor Bob Landa has been a welcome addition to the HPA family of instructors, having retired at Southwest Airlines after serving as Check Airman and flying the line since 1975. Bob had an employee number of 996 when he retired and laughed as he recalled crewmembers signing him in on the hotel roster and after hearing his number queried, “what’s the rest of it?”

Bob was walking down the hall and enjoying the plethora of pictures sent in by HPA grads. One stopped him in his tracks as he looked closely at the tail number of the autographed TA-4 Skyhawk photo. “Hey, I picked up that airplane at the factory,” explained Bob. We wonder how many of the HPA family have spent how many hundreds or thousands of hours in that aircraft.

Thanks again to John “Stretch” Scheenstra and William “Tex” Coe, both flying at Southwest, for that gift given many years ago. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.