A Small World

Comedian Steven Wright says, “It’s a small world … but I sure would hate to paint it!”

On the first day of the July 11 class, two people experienced a variation of déjà vu.  New student Jim Emery suppressed the feeling while Tiffany Waits from our Records Department overrode the compulsion to address it.  They were both certain the other person was from their past, but where in those years did the person fit in?  Being in the department that dealt with a pilot’s personal data, Tiffany found that Jim lived in Denton, Texas, where Tiffany was reared. The mystery was solved when Tiffany searched her 1994 yearbook and confirmed they had attended the same high school and although they were two grades apart, they were band members together. To go a step further, Jim’s wife, Sunny, lived next door to Tiffany’s grandmother as a child! 

As the lyrics of Richard and Robert Sherman’s song read:  “There’s so much that we share / That it’s time we’re aware / It’s a small world after all.”