A Birthday Party for Two Michaels

Birthdays never go unnoticed at HPA. Anyone who has been here for a student’s birthday can surely attest to that. Recently, we had two new HPA family members here to celebrate their birthdays with us.

First up for celebrations was Michael Kirby, a B737-300 Type Rating student. We surprised him with cupcakes during a Monday pizza lunch. His blew out his candles and we can only assume (never tell a wish) that he got what he wanted because he left us a few days later with a new type rating and a brand new hat.

Michael Kirby enjoys his birthday cupcakes during a Monday Pizza Social. His classmates hope he shares.

Next up on the list was Michael LaGuardia. He was surprised during his dispatch class with cake, a card, and singing (sorry about the singing)! Michael is also the proud new owner of a hat. He passed his dispatch exam and is working for Orange Air out of Virginia! Happy Birthday guys! Come back to celebrate with us next year.

Michael LaGuardia welcomed his birthday celebration during a break from his dispatch class. Ok, Mike, back to work!

Classic LaGuardia Airport photo hanging in American Airlines Chief Pilot offices.